Your Self Care Commitment

Yes you did it!!! You made the commitment to invest in YOU! Go Mumma.

I am so excited to see and hear about the impact that this commitment will have, not only on yourself but also your family and your community.

I can’t wait to share what we have in store for you so keep an eye out for my first #selfcaresaves email on 24th October!


Do you know that as a Mums Who Wine Member you receive extra member bonuses during the week including:

  • Extra benefits and discounts during the week from our #scs22 partners;
  • Member discounts on our exclusive #scs22 merchandise

PLUS you receive VIP benefits and discounts, access to member only events, member ticket prices, discounted merchandise, free access to our #selfcaresaves member hub throughout the year too!! Self care is for every day and by joining the tribe we will help you fill your cup daily! All for $69 annually.


Stand together

Do you know another mum who would benefit from a bit of “me time” (pfft who am I kidding, isn’t that every mum in history?!). If yes, please share this link with her so she can also commit to investing in her self care. Lets stand together and commit to our mental health!

Thanks for your support.

With Love,

Lauren x

Founder of Mums Who Wine & Self Care Saves


Self Care Saves Week